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On the outside, John has it all. He has professional success, a loving family, and all the material things he could want. He has achieved the American Dream, but on the inside, still feels hollow, struggling with trying to be who others want him to be. “Is this what the rest of life would be like? Is this all there is?” These questions push, prod, and help John awaken to his possibilities.

It is in this moment of professional success and personal disillusionment where John starts an involuntary quest toward relevance, searching for his soul's source of meaning. He sparks a fire.  It warms him at first and produces comfort, but as it gains strength, it rages.  It leads to discomfort and challenge while burning away all that is false, unnecessary, and vain.  

The life that John thought he wanted ends in the fire, but from it, he gains strength, focus, clarity, and purpose. A second chance to find his life’s meaning leads John to his Awakening and his mission to RISE.


Get ready to laugh, think, and elevate your life!  Brian will provide an energized and inspirational keynote or a thought-provoking and fun workshop.  He will customize the program to your needs!


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  • Brian Lidle’s book is a must read for anyone looking introspectively into what gives meaning to their personal and professional lives. Brian's inspirational book reflects on his own journey in life fraught with perceived successes and personal struggles in balancing family and professional obligations as he looked forward to the adulations that come from those successes.

    The ‘struggles’ Brian deals with head-on are both interesting to read and easy to relate to.

    It culminates in an epiphany of what gives many their life’s meaning; and how one can achieve this for themselves. It’s is a book with a lesson that is sure to resonate with readers and in their own lives.

    Mark Ritzenthaler
  • A great read! Very Enjoyable! This book will take you on a journey that is all too familiar to the majority of (asleep) people out there. A journey that, sadly, most never make. The main character, John, thought he had it all, yet found himself unhappy. John's journey evokes emotions ranging from sadness and hopelessness, to joy and hopefulness. For those of you that have found your purpose, you will enjoy reading about another person that has awakened. For those of you that have not yet found your purpose, then this book can help show you the way, allowing you to live a more enlightened, fulfilled life.

    I want to thank the author for writing this book, and I look forward to more works from Brian Lidle.

    Tim Bruno
  • Amazing! I literally read this entire book today because I could t put it down! It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle, but how many of us could actually say we are fulfilling our purpose or that we even truly know what our purpose is. This was incredibly thought-provoking as a teacher that could relate to so many things in this book! Thank you for sharing your story, Mr. Lidle!

    Kim Moore